Our Mission: Animal Rescue and Adoption, Animal Population Control, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Promotion of Humane Treatment of AnimalsNoah’s Kingdom Humane Society provides care and adoption services for homeless, abused and unwanted cats and kittens.


Noah’s Kingdom is a non-profit organization that is staffed completely by volunteers. We rely solely on the generosity of our donors, fundraisers, and adoption revenue to cover operational costs and care for the animals at our no-kill shelter. To help support us, you can go to our DONATE page or mail your contribution to:


Noah’s Kingdom Humane Society

PO Box 14232

Albany, NY 12212


Thank You!


We are located at the PetSmart in Crossgates Commons, in Albany/Guilderland, New York; directly across from Crossgates Mall. Hope to see you there!!!


PetSmart Albany​

161 Washington Ave Ext. Albany NY 12205

Currently by Appointment Only 


Kittens up to 12 months: $125.00
Adult Cats 13 months to 6 yrs: $100.00
Senior Cats 7 yrs or older: $50.00


Special Fundraiser

Hello Friends! On behalf of Noah's Kingdom Humane Society I am asking for help raising money for a delightful and wonderful five year old cat named "LUDO". Ludo was adopted by a wonderful couple only a few months ago and he has been doing wonderfully well with his new family. However, his Mom and Dad noticed that Ludo was breathing a little harder after going upstairs. They immediately took Ludo to their local vet and he was diagnosed with a chest hernia that is pushing against his diaphragm. This requires a specialist to perform the surgery. Ludo like all cats is special but Ludo is extra special because he has FIV. We were all extremely grateful and ecstatic when he was adopted. His family took him in without reservation and are doing everything in their power to make him well and go forward with the surgery. They have not asked that we intercede for them but we of Noah's Kingdom know its the right thing to do and we want Ludo well too, and another fact he was a neighborhood rescue by our volunteer, Janet. The bottom line is that surgery at Upstate Veterinary is estimated between 4,000 and 8.000 dollars depending on how the surgery and recovery go. As stated the family is determined to make this happen. They are hard working people who were nice enough to take him in. What do you think? Can you spare a little or maybe more? Can we make this happen? I know we can. Thank you for taking time to read this and thank you for supporting this effort, Let's make Ludo well.



PayPal Giving Fund Fundraiser

For almost twenty years Noah's Kingdom Humane Society has been dedicated to helping the plight of cats and kittens throughout the capital region and beyond. We are dedicated to and will continue this mission. Like many other  agencies, our finances have been put to the test. Unfortunately, many kittens were so sick they couldn't be saved, and extended hospitalizations,  cost of medicines, euthanasia, tests, xrays and dental work mount quickly


We are wondering if you can help with a donation? Any amount will be greatly appreciated and every penny will go to pay current or future bills. 


Thank you for your support and generosity.